MIKE ZITO: Gone To Texas

Product no.: RUF 1189

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Release date: 05/2013

Texas saved my life.
Sounds a bit dramatic, but absolutely true.
Historically, Texas has been the saving grace of many desperate men. In the early 1800s, men who had large debts or committed crimes would run off to Texas to hide from the colonies and their creditors. This was called "Gone to Texas". It was most often a shame on the family left behind and the man on the run. New Spain (Mexico at that time, including Mexican Texas) took in all runaways and vagabonds it could hold. Many of these men found a new life in what would be Texas, returned for their families, paid their debts off, only to fight and die for the freedom of Texas from Spanish rule.
Texas was my last stand as well. I ended up there after running away from all of my problems and mostly myself. I took off on the Greyhound bus and got off in Texas, leaving my family behind. My drug addiction is no secret and Texas is where I confronted my problems and made a change that has saved my life. I met a woman who lived in Texas years before and was spiritually drawn to her. I signed a cd she bought from me years ago and wrote "Take me to Texas with you" on the cover- who would've thought? She has stood by my side though it all and has given me the love and support I needed to stand on my own two feet. South East Texas has taken me in and given me a new life. This is a much different place than the south side of Saint Louis where I grew up. They all take it for granted around here, but it is a very unique place in the world.
The Wheel is a special band. These musicians were hand picked over the years. These are some of my favorite musicians on planet earth. My dream band.
We all have one thing in common, make the music feel good! My sincerest gratitude to all the musicians for their heartfelt performances.
It is no surprise that this most important album to me is being released on Ruf Records. I have wanted to be a Ruf recording artist since 1998. Thomas Ruf and I have tried many times get together over the years but the Universe wasn't ready for us until now!

So, this is my Texas album. My story of Texas.
The history, the culture, the music and the amazing pride that shines on every Lone Star flag.
I am truly thankful for my life, love, friends and family.

God Bless Texas.
Mike Zito


1. Gone To Texas

2. Rainbow Bridge

3. I Never Knew A Hurricane

4. Don't Think Cause You're Pretty

5. Death Row

6. Don't Break A Leg

7. Take It Easy

8. The Road Never Ends

9. Subtraction Blues

10. Hell On Me

11. Voices In Dallas

12. Wings Of Freedom

13. Let Your Light Shine On Me