KEVIN COYNE: Room Full Of Fools

KEVIN COYNE: Room Full Of Fools

Product no.: RUF 1052


Release date: 11/2000

"This CD is for all of those people who might think I'm fading away into feeble old age. It's a set of songs for the passionate, the heartbroken and sometimes cynical. I had a lot of fun making it. My recording sessions in the U.S. (the first ever for me) were a triumph of fast food, fueled energy and lust for improvisation. I tried to say what I had to say as honestly as possible.

The musicians on the album (Robert Coyne, Steve Smith and Werner Steinhauser) all made telling contributions. Robert, particularly, astounded me constantly with his feel for my kind of writing and singing. It's handy when ones son is a talented multi instrumentalist. Songs like 'Sugar turning sour'; 'Room Full of Fools' and 'I'm wild' bear witness to his abilities (particularly his rough edged powerhouse guitar style). Working with him was a delight.

This is something like (I've lost count) my fortieth album. When I started with Siren in 68 I never imagined I'd still be turning them out thirty two years later. Recent gigs in New York, L.A. and the wilds of Bavaria convince there's still an audience for my anarchic humour and determined commitment to reality. I'm a flawed romantic and it feels right. I hope you find a lot of pleasure in this record. "

Kevin Coyne October 2000


  1. Sugar Turning Sour
  2. I’m Wild
  3. More Than Enough
  4. God Watches
  5. Whispering Desert
  6. Candlelight
  7. Forgive Me
  8. The Einstein Song
  9. Sugar Sugar Samba
  10. Celesttial Bride
  11. Take Your Pain Away
  12. Precious
  13. Speak to Me
  14. But I Love you
  15. I Can’t Make It
  16. Room Full Of fools