COREY STEVENS: Albertville

COREY STEVENS: Albertville

Product no.: RUF 1125


Release Date: 4/2007

Corey Stevens is one of the most original Bluesmen around right now. He continues to push the envelope on each record. Stevens knows no musical boundaries. Instead ofputting out stale old cover songs like most bands these days, the majority of Stevens music is original music he wrote himself.

Stevens has more integrity than any of this "new" generation of people trying to play Blues. Corey Stevens has staying power, he's been in the business for many years, and there's a reason for that, because he is a true blue Bluesman, who's music is real. Corey Stevens is keeping the blues BLUE....

In a 100 years from now Corey Stevens will be remembered as one of the Legends of Blues, he will be talked about in the same sentences mentioning the Kings of the Blues.
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  1. A Real Good Sign
  2. That's What The Blues Is All About
  3. Another Pretty Face
  4. Blue Suede Shoes
  5. Breaking Up Somebody's Home
  6. Cold Womena With Warm Hearts
  7. I Get Evil
  8. Little Brother (Make A Way)
  9. Got To Be Some Changes Made
  10. Nice To Be Nice (Ain't That Nice)