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Seems the future holds a lot of mystery & excitement for me. Last year, I saw so much of the world, traveling far and wide to play music and now I've just signed my first record deal with Ruf Records to release my 2nd studio album "Love to Beg" in February. I can't wait for the world to hear the new CD and I can't wait to bring it to life onstage with my incredible band.
I'm very proud of our new record. Jon and I had the challenge of trying to capture the live energy we're known for, while breaking out of that "on stage" comfort zone to experiment with the boundless potential that a studio environment, amazing musicians and a great engineer provides. Self-producing this body of work together was a daunting prospect, but it was also incredibly liberating - AND fun!
The album's vibe really captures all of our influences of Gospel, Blues, Soul, R&B, Rock and even hints of old school country. Most of the songs we wrote on the road and had barely played live, which actually allowed those songs to go where they needed with no preconceived notions. For instance, the title track "Love To Beg" was initially a ballad. I wrote it based on an experience with a long lost best friend, then it morphed into a love song as I began to shape the lyrics in the studio. Once we started laying it down with the band, it took on a rockin' Black Crowes sort of vibe and both the story lines merged. Same thing with "Set It On Fire" which was at first a tortured love song filled with deception and infidelity coupled with the challenge of monogamy! Once we tracked it and listened back we were bored to tears! That's when our dear friend, musician and co-producer, Kenny Aaronson plugged in the bass at 1am, after our bassist Whynot had left and said: "LET'S ROCK THIS F*CKER!" From there, "Set It On Fire" took on a whole new life in the vein of our favorite old Rolling Stones stuff.

Overall, the album is really about love ... all kinds of love. Angry love, jealous love, tortured love, brotherly love, sisterly love and self love. Hence the title "Love To Beg".
There's only one cover song on the record. A song I've fantasized about singing for many years by my favorite male soul vocalist in the world, Otis Redding. The song is called "I've Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now)". When I was 21, Jon showed me a film of Otis performing this song at The Monterey Pop Festival. I felt sick with emotion and an unrelenting desire to sing my heart out just like Otis did. I vowed someday I'd become a strong enough singer to try and do this song justice. I hope I did!
Honestly, we recorded this collection of songs for our selves and our fans. We weren't thinking about having a 3-minute song with "hooks", or worrying about the dark nature of the lyrics. We just trusted our own musical instincts and let it rip.

Peace & Love




  1. Love To Beg
  2. Nothing's What I Cry For
  3. Golden Eyes
  4. Keepsake
  5. Set It On Fire
  6. Faster Than We Can
  7. Keep On Rollin'
  8. Drive
  9. Summersong
  10. Pretty Girl
  11. I've Been Loving You Too Long
  12. What You See
  13. Superman


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