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Living Out Of Time - Live

Product no.: RUF 1111


Release date: November 2005


Robin Trower’s career has spanned more than four decades. He is one of the finest guitarists in Rock n’ Roll history. Throughout his long and winding solo career, guitarist Robin Trower has been called the “White” Hendrix due to his uncanny ability to channel Hendrix’ bluesy/psychedelic, Fender Strat-fueled playing style.

He spent the early 60’s playing guitar in various London based outfits, and received his big break 1967 joining Procol Harum. After leaving Procol Harum 5 years later, Trower embarked on his solo career and found the success that has made him a legend today, armed with his fluid and powerful guitar style.

Robin Trower also fascinated the audience with this powerful show. It was recorded by the famous WDR Rockpalast in Germany on his 60th birthday, in March 2005 at the Crossroads Festival.




  1. Too Rolling Stoned                        7:50
  2. Sweet Angel                                3:43
  3. What's Your Name                       2:39
  4. Rise Up Like The Sun                    2:42
  5. Daydream                                  10:02
  6. Living Out Of Time                       3:11
  7. Breathless                                  3:25
  8. Day Of The Eagle                         4:21
  9. Bridge Of Sighs                           10:07
  10. Close Every Door                         3:14
  11. I Want You To Love Me                 5:57
  12. Please Tell Me                             3:42
  13. Little Bit Of Sympathy                   5:00


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