Bob Brozman

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Blues Reflex

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Fire In The Mind

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Bob Brozman


"Tradition is a moving object, as musicians absorb sounds through a lifetime of listening, and create new sounds with their bare feelings.  My musical ancestors, from Charley Patton to Tau Moe and Sol Hoopii, not only learned from their ancestors; they also absorbed ideas from other kinds of music outside their cultures, thereby pushing their traditions forward.  In my world travels, I have expanded this concept geographically to include music from faraway places and music far from the traditional Delta blues that first inspired me.  These new blues are meant to inspire you.  Music for me is something constantly full of feeling, something a person never finishes learning how to express. Taking risk is paramount."

Dedicated to musicians and music lovers everywhere, with great sincerity,

Bob Brozman


Bob Brozman died on April 23, 2013.