Aynsley Lister Live!

Aynsley Lister Live!

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Release: October 2004


They say it’s impossible to recreate a live show in the studio. Maybe, that’s why some of the very best music caught on tape is recorded where the artists are most comfortable – on stage. It’s where the magic happens, the spontaneity, the atmosphere - the raw music free from overdubs and retakes.

“The buzz, the feeling you get playing live is just something you can’t explain or recreate, that’s where the creative stuff happens – those moments when you just go off on one and you’re all tuned in together. You just don’t get that in the studio.”

This latest release from Aynsley Lister gives you just that. Free from the constraints of the studio, this concert (recorded in March ’04 as part of the ‘Rockpalast’ TV series in Germany) documents Lister together with his band doing what they do best – perform.

Taking the stage solo, Aynsley Lister kicks off the evening on his own with just guitar and voice before Sarah Jones and James Townend join him on stage and launch straight into ‘Say Goodbye’. Watching 18 year old Sarah behind the kit, it’s hard to believe she has only been in the band for a matter of months! Straight away the adrenaline is flowing and the audience are loving every minute of it. This is how Lister has made his name – blistering in-yer-face guitar style together with impassioned singing…playing as though its his last ever chance, pushing himself and the band right to the edge.

Alongside some awesome takes of his most popular tracks such as ‘Angel’O’Mine and ‘Soundman’, the set list also contains some great new tracks. Needless to say the audience lap it up and leave you in no doubt that Lister is always on the move artistically!

For those out there who have only ever experienced Aynsley Lister on CD, watching this DVD will have them booking tickets to his next live appearance immediately! After three studio albums, this is what we have all been waiting for. Enjoy.


Aynsley Lister: vocals, guitars
Sarah Jones: drums
James Townend: bass, backing vocals


Tracklist DVD:

1.      Aeroplane Blues

2.      As The Crow Flies

3.      Say Goodbye

4.      Balls Of Steel

5.      Snake

6.      Everything I Need

7.      Angel ‘O’ Mine

8.      Now You’re Gone

9.      Take Me To The River

10.    Runnin’ Out On Me

11.    Sometimes It Gets To Me

12.    Soundman

13.    Fallin’ Down

plus: interview, backstage film, bonus song!!!


Technical DVD info:

NTSC, Region Codefree

Sound Format: Dolby Digital 5.1/2.0 PCM Stereo

Picture Format: 4:3

Menu Language: English

Running Time: approx. 115 Min.

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