Product no.: RUF 2062


The spectre of the US South can be felt in every fiery lick and blue-collar observational lyric. Yet Heavens To Betsy is no exercise in autopilot roadhouse blues. The raging sax of Frank Bauer, either backing up or butting heads with Johnson’s driving guitar, has always given the band an added dimension, and with the addition of former Devon Allman percussionist Tony Antonelli, the groove goes all over the map. “We have a more tribal, rhythmic feel now,” notes Johnson, “like the Black Crowes and the Allman Brothers.”


Product no.: RUF 1277


In the age of manufactured pop, the acclaimed St. Louis bandleader is a beacon of time-honoured songcraft, writing on acoustic guitar, digging deep for raw lyrics and insisting on studio production that bottles the sweat of his shows. The approach might sound old-school, but on latest record Heavens To Betsy, the result is some of the most vital music of the new decade.