Don't Look Back - Vinyl Double-LP

Product no.: RUF 2015


180g vinyl, audiophile pressing

Release Date: May 2015

New blood. New beginnings. For Royal Southern Brotherhood, Don’t Look Back isn’t just an album title, but the attitude that drove the award-winning US band’s third release. Tracked at the iconic Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, with an all-guns-blazing new guitar lineup and production team, this is the sound of a band rolling with the punches and turning the page.
    The past year has seen seismic change for RSB. If you’ve read the rock press headlines, you’ll know that founder members Devon Allman and Mike Zito have now amicably departed to pursue their solo careers, following stellar contributions to 2012’s self-titled debut album, 2014’s HeartSoulBlood, and the tours that rocked twenty-plus countries across the planet. Most assuredly, those are huge shoes to fill, but in 2015, Don’t Look Back proves the MkII lineup is up to the mark.       
You’ve already met Cyril Neville: groove god, voicebox extraordinaire and the beating heart of the Brotherhood. As ever, he’s flanked by drum master Yonrico Scott and bass powerhouse Charlie Wooton: the backbone that drove the RSB from the start. Your favourite band is in safe hands. Now, the band dynamic that Cyril famously describes as a “gumbo” gets a fiery new pinch of spice with a fresh guitar partnership. Blues-rock fans will know to expect big things from Bart Walker. A head-turning Nashville gunslinger, he made his first real ripples with 2013’s Ruf debut Waiting On Daylight and that year’s Blues Caravan tour. For Don’t Look Back, Bart steps up as guitarist, songwriter and occasional vocalist. Recruiting Tyrone Vaughan was another great idea. Like his feted predecessor, Devon Allman, the Texas guitarist knows all about the double-edged sword of a celebrated surname: he’s the son of Jimmie Vaughan and nephew of the immortal Stevie Ray Vaughan.      
Some bands fly high then fall like stones. With Don’t Look Back, Royal Southern Brotherhood have blazed seamlessly into a new era, safeguarding everything that fans loved about their trademark gumbo, but turning up the heat. So don’t look back. After all, who needs past glories when the future looks this bright…?


LP1 - Side A


I Wanna Be Free



Reach My Goal



Don't Look Back


LP1 - Side B


Hit Me Once



The Big Greasy



Hard Blues


LP2 - Side A


Better Half






It's Time For Love



Bayou Baby


LP2 - Side B


Poor Boy



They Don't Make 'Em Like You No More



Come Hell Or High Water



Anchor Me


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