Product no.: RUF 1273


BluesCaravan 2019

Katarina Pejak *Ally Venable *Ina Forsman

Recorded live on February 15, 2019 in Café Hahn, Koblenz, Germany

Release date: Spetember 2019



Product no.: RUF 1267


Released alongside her appearance on the 2019 Blues Caravan, Ally’s Ruf Records debut went down at MARZ Studios in Nederland, Texas, where producer Mike turned the killer songs in her back pocket into the album of her career. “On this album,” Ally reflects, “it’s still guitar-oriented, but I focused more on the songwriting, the hooks and melodies. I try and write about what goes on in my life, or something that I feel can relate to others. I want my songs to be a release for people, something they can play and enjoy.”     



Ally Venable

Vocals, Guitars

Bobby Wallace

Bass Guitar, Backup Vocals on “Blind To Bad Love”

Elijah Owings

Drums/Percussion, Backup Vocals on “Blind To Bad Love”

Lewis Stephens


Eric Gales courtesy of Mascot Label Group

Guitars, Vocals on “Come And Take It”

Mike Zito

Rhythm & Slide Guitars on “One Sided Misunderstanding”, “Blind To Bad Love”, “Careless Love”, Backup Vocals on “Blind To Bad Love”





Nowhere To Hide






Texas Honey



Blind To Bad Love



Come And Take It



Love Struck Baby



One Sided Misunderstanding



White Flag



Long Way Home



Running After You



Careless Love


Product no.: RUF 1260



01.  Low Down And Dirty   04:49

02.  All Night   04:23

03. Do You Wanna?   03:35

04. Married Man   05:35

05. Keep Coming Back   04:35

06. Wasted Time   04:21

07. Make Blues Not War   07:49

08. In The Open (Instr.)   05:15

09. Rocket 88   07:26

10. The Way Love Was meant To Be   10:30

11. Life Is A Bitch   04:38

12. Serious (As A Heart Attack)   09:11



01. Intro Tom   01:10

02. Low Down And Dirty   04:45

03. All Night   04:34

04. Crossroads Of Life   05:45

05. Married Man   06:00

06. Bad Penny   04:52

07. One More Train   05:18

08. Keep Coming Back   04:43

09. Wasted Time   05:14

10. Make Blues Not War   08:08

11. In The Open (Instr.)   05:52

12. Rocket 88   08:29

13. The Way Love Was Meant To Be   10:40

14. Testify (Instr.)   05:25

15. Medley - Bad News Is Coming / Bad Love   18:50

16. Life Is A Bitch   05:02

17. Move From The Hood   08:27

18. Serious (As A Heart Attack)   09:50

19. Give Me Back My Wig   15:32

Product no.: RUF 1258


This CD/ DVD –Release puts you back to the amazing moments of a great Blues Caravan Tour 2017

Take a floor-filling London soul man. Add a golden-voiced Southern States storyteller. Throw in a fast-rising Philadelphia based singer/saxophonist. Then hold on to your hats. Recorded at the 14th February 2017 in the Hirsch Club in Nuernberg, the most varied Blues Caravan comes back to life.

Product no.: RUF 1210

The Blues Caravan is on a roll. Now in its 10th triumphant year, Ruf’s touring showcase of new talent is sticking with the winning formula that has made it an institution. One stage. Three artists on the brink of greatness. And a crowd strapped in for the night of their lives. With an illustrious roll call of past alumni including Ana Popovic, Oli Brown and Joanne Shaw Taylor, the Blues Caravan has always been a golden ticket to catch the scene’s next-big-things before they explode onto the world stage.

This CD/DVD set of 2014’s Blues Caravan featuring Albert Castiglia (USA), Laurence Jones (UK) and Christina Skjolberg (NO) was recorded in the Harmonie in Bonn, Germany on February 9th 2014. It is the prefect souvenir of a rocking anniversary Caravan, bursting with energy.

Product no.: RUF 1166

Artists: Samantha Fish / Cassie Taylor / Dani Wilde

The name says it all. "Girls with Guitars" - the 2011 Ruf Records Blues Caravan Tour - presents three of the scene's hottest young female guitar slingers on a single stage.
Over the past six years, the Blues Caravan has toured successfully in the UK, USA and throughout continental Europe. This unique triple bill revue has helped introduce bright new stars such as Ana Popovic and Joanne Shaw Taylor to an international audience. Following in their footsteps on the 2011 tour is a trio of dynamic, up-and-coming blues talents: Dani Wilde, Cassie Taylor and Samantha Fish.

Product no.: RUF 1182

Dani Wilde / Victoria Smith / Samantha Fish

In 2011, three of the hottest female musicians on the contemporary blues scene embarked on a tour calling themselves "Girls with Guitars." Their appearances at clubs and festivals unleashed a wave of enthusiasm on both sides of the Atlantic. Nearly everyone involved – both audiences and the performers themselves – hoped the band wouldn't simply break up and fade into memory once the tour was over.

The good news was: The fun is about to continue! Starting in January 2012, the 8th edition of the annual Ruf Records Blues Caravan hits the road, this time under the heading "More Girls with Guitars."

This document of the tour was recorded live at Musichall Worpswede (Germany) on February 11th, 2012.

Product no.: RUF 1211

They're back – like you've never seen them before!

Ruf Records first presented the "Girls With Guitars" in 2011. The three electrifying musicians on that year's edition of the Blues Caravan tour caused such euphoria among international blues audiences that they were back by popular demand the following year. Now, starting in January 2015, the 11th annual Blues Caravan takes to the road with three new, young and dynamic "Girls With Guitars" who are ready to conquer the blues world.

In August 2014 Eliana Cargnelutti, Sadie Johnson and Heather Crosse paid a visit to legendary producer Jim Gaines. The result is an album with nine originals and three cover songs – released just in time for the new Blues Caravan tour. If that recording is any indication, the new line-up may just have what it takes to top the "Girls With Guitars" of the past!

Product no.: RUF 1140
 |  Candye Kane, Deborah Coleman, Dani Wilde

Recorded live at the Harmonie in Bonn/Germany on 27th january 2008

In just three years, the Ruf Records BluesCaravan has become an extremely popular musical event reaching more and more blues fans in more parts of the world. After stopping off in Paris, London and Berlin, the 2007 edition played over a dozen concerts in the USA and was a featured attraction at the renowned Notodden Blues Festival in Norway. Setting off under the title "Guitar'd and Feathered," the trio of outstanding artists on the 2008 BluesCaravan tour promises to continue the trend.

Product no.: RUF 1223

Released on Ruf Records, Ina Forsman is everything that great music used to be: real, raw, written from the heart and shot from the hip. Likewise, Ina herself is everything that great frontwomen are meant to be: enigmatic, honest, passionate and dangerous. By the time you’ve heard these ten self-penned songs – plus a stellar cover of Nina Simone’s “I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl “– you’ll know her inside-out, and want to know more.


Product no.: RUF1262


Ina Forsman - Been Meaning To Tell You





Be My Home



Get Mine



All Good






Whatcha Gonna Do



Why You Gotta Be That Way



Miss Mistreated






Who Hurt You



Every Single Beat








Product no.: RUF 1237

Blues Caravan 2016

Released on Ruf Records

Atmosphere. It’s the magic ingredient that turns a good live album into a great one – and it comes spilling from the speakers on Blues Caravan 2016. This CD/DVD release puts you right there, in the heart of the crowd, on the hottest tour of the year, feeling the anticipation rise as the clock ticks down and the compère steps up: “Ladies and gentlemen, the Blue Sisters…!”

Twelve years after Thomas Ruf first had his brainwave, the Blues Caravan tour remains a grand tradition for the legendary Ruf Records label, showcasing three artists on the brink of the big-time. In 2016, crowds across the States and Europe were wowed by the Blue Sisters: an international bill taking in Finland’s rising star Ina Forsman, American R&B royalty Tasha Taylor and Canada’s celebrated singer-songwriter Layla Zoe. Now, with the release of Blues Caravan 2016, recorded February 22nd at the Hirsch club in Nürnberg, Germany, all the thrills of that tour come flooding back.

Ruf Records is renowned as a magnet for next-big-things, and as Tom Ruf says, “there’s always enough fresh talent to keep the show on the road”. When Ina Forsman hits the stage on Blues Caravan 2016, it’s easy to hear why she caught the label’s attention. Hailing from Helsinki, this smoky vocalist was gigging from the age of 18, and after a little early guidance from Finnish harmonica hero Helge Tallqvist, this February saw the release of her self-titled debut album (declared “joyous stuff” by Classic Rock).

Naturally, Ina’s Blues Caravan set draws on that album’s self-penned material – from the jazzy Hanging Loose to the hooky No Room For Love – but her spontaneous approach to stagecraft means that anything could happen. “Sometimes,” says the bandleader, “it’s good to just let the music take you there. I rarely plan anything, so what happens on the stage, just happens.”

Few performers can work a crowd quite like Tasha Taylor. Having spent her formative years on the road with her father (R&B pioneer and Stax titan Johnnie Taylor), Tasha’s own star rose with releases like Taylormade and this year’s Honey For The Biscuit: an album whose self-penned songs breathed new life into the soul, funk and blues genres. “The musicianship is top-notch,” noted The Blues Mag, “the production dials up a satisfying soul-funk sound, and Taylor’s voice is strong, supple and soulful throughout.”

Just wait until you hear her on Blues Caravan 2016, as Tasha rocket-fuels Biscuit cuts like Weatherman, and even salutes Taylor Senior with a cover of his famous Who’s Making Love. “I put everything into my performances,” she explains. “I love to see the audience connect to the emotion and energy of the music. If one person leaves with a new favourite song and the feeling of being moved by my vocals then I’m happy.”

A truly prolific talent, Layla Zoe has won global acclaim for her ten-album back catalogue, with 2013’s The Lily dubbed “thrilling” by The Blues and this year’s Breaking Free praised for its “passion and integrity”. But if you only know her studio albums, you’ve only heard one side of the coin. The Toronto songwriter made her first waves on the local live circuit, and since then, she’s triumphed at auspicious venues from Montreux to Rockpalast. “She’s created probably the biggest buzz vocally of any singer I’ve heard about in years,” noted the late blues great Jeff Healey. “She’s wonderful.”

Now, on Blues Caravan 2016, Layla brings even deeper emotion to moments like Never Met A Man Like You and Work Horse. “My show is raw, honest, emotional and intense,” she says. “People often say they’re moved to tears at my shows, and I feel it’s important that I give everything I have to my audience. I rip people’s hearts out – and then I put them back in!”

            Three hot-tip performers. Three unforgettable sets. But of course, this wouldn’t be the Blues Caravan without the traditional onstage hook-up, and as the Blue Sisters unite to play us out with a climactic Rock Me Baby, you’ll be howling for more. It all adds up to another triumphant year for the Ruf Blues Caravan, and a CD/DVD release that catches every last drop of atmosphere in the bottle. When you play Blues Caravan 2016, you’ll be right there…

Product no.: RUF 1266


Making her debut on the iconic Ruf Records – and taking part in the label’s famous Blues Caravan tour in 2019 – Roads That Cross is the stone-cold classic that Katarina has promised since the start. Rewind to the post-millennium and this upcoming artist was already a little different: a classical piano virtuoso who raided her father’s record collection for Tom Waits, Bessie Smith, Van Morrison and Otis Spann – then challenged herself to write songs that measured up.




Nature Of My Blues



Sex Kills



Cool Drifter



Moonlight Rider



Old Pain



Chasing Summer



Turtle Blues



Down With Me



She's Coming After You



Roads That Cross



The Harder You Kick




Katarina Pejak

vocals and keys

Laura Chavez

guitar on all tracks, except on "The Harder You Kick"

Lonnie Trevino Jr.

bass on all tracks, except on "The Harder You Kick"; background vocals on "Roads That Cross"

Damien LLanes

drums on all tracks, except on "The Harder You Kick"

Mike Zito

guitar and background vocals on "Moonlight Rider"