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Here you go. The box set celebrating the 20th anniversary of the passing of blues legend Luther Allison is on its way around the world to his fans and friends. This release is limited and numbered to 1500 CD sets; you should not wait to get your copy of this collection containing the essential albums Luther recorded after his Motown years. In addition to the albums, our friend Art Tipaldi has written a 88-page coffee table book featuring Luther’s inspiring story, comments from his friends and associates, as well as many rare and private photos. Plenty of video footage is included on four DVDs. You’ll get to see performances from 1997 (Live in Paradise and Zoo Bar), 1991 (a concert in Germany where Luther plays alongside his son Bernard), and 1987 (a show from East Berlin). It’s all there; this compilation is a feast for the eyes, ears, and heart of any blues fan. If you don´t have time to experience the entire box set, I highly recommend watching Luther‘s performance during the 1996 W.C. Handy Awards. In it, the energy and love of a typical three-hour Luther Allison show compresses into a 15-minute relentless blues showcase that will leave you feeling astonished and gratified. This particular performance was the climax of his incredible career. Luther stole the show by performing and then by taking home five awards (including Blues Entertainer of the Year). Luther Allison is a genuine blues hero with an incomparable expanse of energy and love for his music and for the people who loved it. I hope you enjoy every bit of this celebratory Luther Allison collection.    (Thomas Ruf)



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"Songs From The Road" documented one of the magic moments of the blues-legend Luther Allison, who dies in 1997. Recorded in Montreal by the Canadian Television at 4th July 1997, only 4 days before he had to cancel his tour, and to come back on stage never again. In a set about nearly 90 minutes (which is documented on CD in nearly the whole length, and the TV-Edition about 56min. on DVD) Luther burns down a real blues-firework for his fans. As he has known, that this concert would be the last documented one.

A blues legend at his best and an essential collectible for his true friends.

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By the end of september Ruf Records sent out a press release that mentioned the find of 'historical recordings by Luther Allison, found in a safe by Bernard Allison in the house of his mother Fannie Mae Allison'. Furthermore it was mentioned that the recordings dated from a session done in the Wonderful Studio in Chicago in 1958.
I checked my record collection and found out that Luther had made his first recordings at - indeed - the Wonderful Studio in Chicago on March 8, 1967. Those were released on the Delmark-anthology 'Sweet Home Chicago' (Delmark LP DS-618/CD DD-618).
After putting the message regarding the '1958-sessions' on the post-war-blues discussion-group it became quickly evident that the eight songs on the Ruf-album 'Underground' were more likely recorded almost a decade later. Some of the listmembers had bought the bootleg-LP titled 'Underground' in the early seventies...


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This live CD set is a definite answer to the questions often asked by fans and journalists during LUTHER'S triumphal 'comeback' tours through the U.S. in 1995 and 1996 (LUTHER ALLISON enjoyed a five-award triumph at the 17th annual W.C. Handy Awards, the blues world's equivalent of the Grammys: Best Blues Song -'Watching You', Best Blues Album - 'Blue Streak', Best Male Blues Artist, Best Guitarist, Best Entertainer).

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  1. Chicago
  2. Rich Man
  3. Love Is Free
  4. Cold As Ice
  5. Freedom
  6. Fight
  7. Mistake
  8. Get Down
  9. Cry

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Luther Allison is a genuine blues hero with an incomparable expanse of energy and love for his music and for the people who loved it. I hope you enjoy every bit of this celebratory Luther Allison collection.  (Thomas Ruf)