Change My Game

Change My Game

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Release date: January 2017



Thorbjørn Risager     –   vocals, guitar

Peter Skjerning          –   guitar

Emil Balsgaard            –   keyboards

Søren Bøjgaard          –   bass

Martin Seidelin          – drums

Hans Nybo                    – tenor sax

Kasper Wagner          – saxophones

Peter Kehl                     – trumpet


Released in January 2017 on Ruf Records, Change My Game is not just an album title, but also the guiding ethos that has driven this band from the start. Since making their first impact with 2006’s From The Heart, Thorbjørn and his all-star lineup have dodged media pigeonholes and broken down the boundaries of genre, their confidence to experiment growing with every year spent together on the road. Now, on this 11th album, their musical leap is greater than ever before, with dynamic arrangements sent through the roof by the band’s musicianship and Thorbjørn’s electrifying vocal.

Change My Game finally achieves the studio sound that Thorbjørn has always heard in his head. For the first time, the eight musicians decided to self-produce and mix the entire album, and the result is a visceral production that showcases their best material to date. Rock-influenced songs like Dreamland are hard, fiery and ferocious. Ballads like lead-off single I Used To Love You have an aching emotional power. Meanwhile, for the fans who love the Tornado’s fresh take on classic blues, there’s Train, which opens with a locomotive sound, a lone vocal and an acoustic guitar – before the band turn up the heat and bring the song to its horn-driven climax.

At a time when technology rules the music industry, Change My Game is an album that runs on human chemistry, and that’s testament to the 800-plus shows that this lineup has played together in 21 countries from the Canada to India. Firm believers in the power of live music, Thorbjørn and the band will take Change My Game out on the road in 2017, with a touring schedule that will see them raise roofs across the planet and convert countless new fans to the cause.

Fourteen years into their career, these are high times for Thorbjørn Risager & The Black Tornado. Perhaps you thought they’d peaked with Too Many Roads. But with Change My Game, the only way is up…



  • Despite hailing from Denmark and releasing albums on a small Danish label until 2014, the band have won acclaim in Canada and all over Europe.
  • They have played over 800 shows – more than 200 of these at festivals – in 21 countries including Canada and India.
  • They received a Danish Grammy two years in a row.
  • In Germany, where they recently participated in the legendary TV show Tyskland ROCKPALAST, they received one of the most prestigious awards in the business.
  • In the UK, they were included on the Classic Rock Blues Magazine’s Best Of 2014 CD.
  • The band was formed in 2003, and all but two of the original members are still in the lineup.




I Used To Love You






Change My Game



Holler n Moan



Hard Time



Long Gone



Hold My Lover Tight



Maybe It's Alright






Lay My Burden Down



City Of Love



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