Product no.: RUF 1219


The succeeding 100-minute concert, captured on CD and DVD for the newest addition to Ruf's Songs from the Road series, shows off every facet of this unique conglomeration of musicians. 



Product no.: RUF 1200


For this latest recording, the band assembled a strong team for its recording session at the Medley Studio in Copenhagen, with Søren Andersen as engineer (Marco Mendoza, Tommy Aldrige, Artillery) and Jesper Yebo Reginal (Superheroes, Junior Senior, The Raveonettes) in charge of mixing. This time the band has chosen to produce the album itself. “We’ve always had producers on our earlier albums. This time we have taken the big leap of doing the producing ourselves. We’ve put together twelve very strong songs where blues, rock and soul melt together,” says Thorbjørn Risager.

Product no.: RUF 1271


Thorbjørn Risager & The Black Tornado



The popular and award-winning orchestra brings forth a new album: 'Come On In'.
The intensity is intact, but there is also room for new streaks of melancholy.

Through more than 1,000 concerts in 21 different countries, the hard swinging and critically acclaimed ensemble has made people smile and dance. For that is what the blues is capable of: grooving away life’s problems. The front man knows this better than most, and on the 10th album - with the inviting title 'Come On In' - he goes into clinch with everything from his own age to political reality.