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"I believe the songs on Voodoo Moon are the best I've written since the early 70's. It is modern blues rock but with more song orientation than normally associated with the genre." Kim Simmonds
This is a strong statement from one of the architects of the British Blues movement, a movement that has and will continue to influence the musical landscape. But Simmonds knows of what he speaks.

After 45-years, thousands of concerts and millions of albums sold worldwide, Savoy Brown is one of the beacons of outstanding new, original music steeped in the history of blues and rock 'n' roll.

Voodoo Moon speaks cleary to this history and the future of what great artists can do. Simmonds woodsheds like a journeyman, always reaching for higher ground. He can be found in his own backyard White Cottage studio most every morning when Savoy Brown is not on the road.

Simmonds is constantly writing songs and working on his playing - both electric and acoustic. He has taken to solo performances since 1997 which is one the greatest of artistic challenges. He has also been painting since 2001(???) which gives him another creative challenge. But most of all, Simmonds challenges himself to continually be a living artist.

"My motivation is to reach for that spirit I had as a young boy," says Simmonds. "I think that's always good to hold onto. Constantly practicing, writing and playing live - raw, naked in a sense - brings creativity and perspective, as well as inspiration."

Begun at White Cottage Studio in 2010, finished and mastered earlier this year at SubCat studio near his adopted hometown of Oswego, New York, Voodoo Moon reflects a lifetime of living and loving the blues. His new, local lineup of talent - Joe Whiting (vocals/sax), Pat DeSalvo (bass) and Garnet Grimm (drums) - rehearse faithfully; and it shows. Fans and promoters report this is one of, if not the best live concerts and and new music in the ever-evolving lineup of Savoy Brown.
Voodoo Moon has the magic mojo that shines for all to see and hear.



  1. Shockwaves
  2. Natural Man
  3. Too Much Money
  4. She's Got The Heat
  5. Look At The Sun
  6. 24/7
  7. Round And Round
  8. Voodoo Moon
  9. Meet the Blues Head On


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