Product no.: RUF 1158


Jimmy Bowskill Band Live is an explosion of Blues and Rock, with nods to many of Jimmy's heroes like B.B. King, Jimi Hendrix and friend Paul Rodgers (from the band Free). The album is spiced with two Paul Rodgers songs. Peter Green, a British blues guitar hero, is represented by Rattlesnake Shake from the early days of Fleetwood Mac.



Product no.: RUF 1175


Armed with a batch of killer new songs (some of them already road-tested at gigs), The Jimmy Bowskill Band headed into famed Toronto recording studio Metalworks. Jimmy had recorded his self-titled third album there in 2008, and felt very comfortable in that environment. On hand this time to co-produce the album with the band was Brian Moncarz (Dean Lickyer, Moneen). Described by superstar producer Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd, Alice Cooper) as "one of the hottest young producer/engineers around," Moncarz proved an inspired choice.
"We were all on the same page, and the recording went quickly and smoothly," says Jimmy. "We did all the bed tracks live off the floor. We wanted to capture what we do live, without sugarcoating anything."