Product no.: RUF 1156


"He brought me and my guitar player to Jim Gaines in Memphis for recording our first official CD. From that moment on it felt for me like coming home. As if my life in 1977 could have begun right here in Stantonville."




Product no.: RUF 1202


... Thanks to the use of analogue recording equipment and rare ribbon microphones from the 1930s, Meena's powerful voice sounds richer and more natural than ever before. Her partner Chris Fillmore demonstrates once again that he's more than just an outstanding guitar player; as songwriter, arranger and co-producer, he forms – together with Meena – the foundation of the band. The energy that flows between the two soul mates makes Tell Me a uniquely gripping listening experience.

Product no.: RUF 1177


While her previous outing "Try Me" already held a wonderful promise for things yet to come, the current release presents itself as a true masterpiece.