Product no.: RUF 1147


Produced and mixed by Jim Gaines at Bessie Blue Studios

"She plays with more attitude and flare than most.
Massive potential here. Inspiring."
GUITARIST magazine

" Catch her live if you can, then you can say: I was there at the beginning"
Blue Print Magazine

"Joanne IS the new face of the blues"
Blues Matters




Product no.: RUF 1164


Producer: Jim Gaines

Recorded at Gaines' Bessie Blue Studios in rural Tennessee, Diamonds in the Dirt offers 10 stellar, all-original cuts. It begins with the unexpected sound of a lone acoustic guitar but soon shifts into overdrive, becoming a dizzying display of frenetic, full-throttle electric power. Taylor recently moved to the U.S. and attributes the heavy sound of Diamonds in the Dirt to her new musical environment - a place immortalized in song as 'Detroit Rock City.' "There's a huge amount of incredible bands and musicians in Detroit," says Taylor of her current home base. "I'm sure it's given me new inspiration and been part of the reason for the slightly heavier sound on this album."
Songs like "Can't Keep Living Like This" and "Have Mercy" showcase a remarkable range of dynamics. Taylor and her tight, two-piece rhythm section build gradually upon solid, riff-driven grooves. When the moment comes, the guitarist launches into one of her incendiary solos. Often, as on "Have Mercy," Taylor, drummer Steve Potts and bassist Dave Smith explode together in a final, breathtaking climax.
It's not all fireworks, though. "Diamonds in the Dirt," a song about the process of emotional recovery, shows off the softer, more melodic qualities in Taylor's singing and playing, as well as her willingness to reveal and heal. "Writing, for me, is very personal," she says. "All the songs on this album are autobiographical. It's basically a chance to put thoughts and fears to paper."

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Here are 12 more songs to get stuck in your head. With Almost Always Never, the precocious blues star has blossomed into a full-grown talent, raised the stakes and given herself the dream setlist for her UK tour in October. “I’ve loved every album and recording experience I’ve had to date for many different reasons,” reflects Joanne. “I think what sets Almost Always Never apart from my two previous albums is the songwriting process leading up to it. I’m so proud of these songs. All 12 of them combine into one body of work. It’s the perfect and truest example of who I am as an artist to date.”

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As the latest release in Ruf Records’ legendary Songs From The Road series, this CD/DVD set is the live album you’ve been screaming for. “The timing is good,” agrees Joanne. “My fans, and especially the blues fans, have been asking me for a live album for a while now. I’m glad that we waited, and didn’t do it two years ago, because hopefully I’ve improved. We’ve done three studio albums now, so I think the live album ties all the albums together.”


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