Energized - Live In Europe

Energized - Live In Europe

Product no.: RUF 1113

Recorded live at the MUSA in Göttingen/Germany, 20th October 2005

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Bernard Allison's Fall European Tour 2005 was an eye-opener. For years, he's been taking his band to Europe, keeping the famous family name alive and delivering outstanding live shows night after night - to the point that fans have begun to take him for granted. Each time he comes around, we go out to see him and get what we expect from someone named Allison: a rocking good time.

But there was something special about this particular tour. There was an electricity about the band from the very first notes they played that told you: This is going to be one for the ages. Was it the revamped rhythm section? Or was it a sign of personal victory - Allison demonstrating that he has fought his demons and come out on top? The band, tighter than ever, exuded joy from start to finish. They seemed to want to play forever. Those of us down front, watching, listening and dancing, became mesmerized. Between songs, we couldn't help but smile at each other with looks that said: Isn't this incredible? What has gotten into this guy?

Fortunately, the people at Ruf Records had the good sense to capture it all on film and on record. ENERGIZED documents one of the most formidable bands on the blues-rock circuit at the height of their artistic powers. Whereas Allison's previous live release featured his funky late 1990s line-up, ENERGIZED shows you what he and his current bandmates have become in the past five years: a fiery and ferocious unit with a hard rock edge. The set features stand-out cuts from his most recent studio albums, like the crowd-pleasing "I Just Came Back To Say Goodbye" and the sensitive "The Way Love Was Meant To Be." Bernard shows his technical prowess on "The Walk" and "Wah Wah Action." And of course, he pays homage to his father with a number of Luther Allison songs. It's the kind of stellar performance that keeps fans coming back year after year. This one will have them wondering: Can it get any better than this?

According to Bernard, fans everywhere have been begging him to put out a new live project. ENERGIZED was certainly worth the wait.

(Vincent Abbate)



  1. Another Ride To The City (Instrumental)
  2. It's A Man Down There
  3. Bad Love
  4. A Woman Named Trouble
  5. Into My Life
  6. Too Many Women
  7. The Way Love Was Meant To Be

Disc 2

  1. The Walk (Instrumental)
  2. Step Down (Instrumental)
  3. Talking Guitar (Instrumental)
  4. Snake Bit Again
  5. A Change Must Come
  6. Too Cool
  7. Wah Wah Action (Instrumental)
  8. Don't Be Confused
  9. I Just Came Back To Say Goodbye

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