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Here it is, the new album "Inside" of 27 year old singer/songwriter and dynamic guitarist Ian Parker. This is what he says about his CD:

"Music is and always has been my primary (and often only) outlet to express all that is inside. Without it, I would be truly lost.
I have no interest in seeking technical perfection in any aspect of my music. My only concern is that the emotion of the songs is transmitted as clearly and directly as possible, and I believe that we have pretty much achieved this on 'Inside'. Without the sympathetic approach of David Z and the band this would not have been possible and as such, I am very grateful to all of them for their contributions.

'The Love I Have' was written during a moment of reflection in which I was agonising about my inability to open myself up emotionally to many of the people around me. In retrospect I over analysed the situation at the time, drawing the pessimistic conclusion that it is too late for me to change. I no longer fully subscribe to this idea, but that is how I was feeling at the time so I guess the sentiment is valid. This track provides the band with an opportunity to shine as they are in their element whenever I throw anything funky at them.
'Scared To Lose This Love' is a simple, melodic, and rootsy love song in which I am expressing my fears about losing the happiness I have found in my relationship by not taking enough time and care to nurture it. I quite like the contrast between the bluesy verses and the whimsical, almost 'pop' chorus.
'Feeling Whole Again' is an out-and-out Blues song about the emptiness I feel whenever I spend any significant period of time away from my partner. On the last morning of the recording session I still had not found the gospel singers I so desperately wanted for this song. I took a walk up the busy London street outside the studio until I came across a church, where to my amazement (given that it was a Saturday!) I heard a Gospel band rehearsing inside. Anyway, twenty minutes later I showed up at the studio with these singers, their band, and a whole entourage including their children, the look on David Z's face was priceless! There was a lovely atmosphere in the studio and Blandine, Maguy, and Nicka did a fantastic job.
'Awake At Night' is essentially a Slow-Blues which is based on the same theme as 'The Love I Have'. My apparent inability to express my feelings to those closest to me causes me great anguish; and in addition; being surrounded by such wonderful people as I am in my life, makes me feel very guilty for even writing such a song. I think I am probably just turning into an eternal whinger!
'Meant To Be' is another love song! I am very proud of this one, I like the melody and I think the arrangement is quite interesting. Everybody came up with innovative parts to play and whilst it is something of a move away from my Blues/Roots beginnings, I do feel that it is entirely in keeping with the feel of the album.
'She Cries' is one of the few songs I have written as an observer of someone else's situation. I guess I am usually far too self-obsessed to take the time to do this! I wanted to write a short, relatively up-tempo song with a soulful but catchy chorus. Stevie Wonder was very much the influence here and whilst I don't think it gets close to anything Stevie has written, it has something of that vibe about it.
'Sometimes I Wonder' is the only other song on the album which is not directly about my own life experience. Last year I spent a couple of weeks in the mountains of Provence, where one afternoon I took a walk and came across a farmhouse with a placard outside telling a gruesome tale of a Second World War battle which had taken place in the area. The eeriness of the farmhouse was alarming and I just had to write about it as I pondered the ills of humanity. Musically, this song is undeniably Blues/Roots. David's mix is superb and I think the mood we captured fits the lyrical content perfectly.
'Burden Of Pain' is another straight ahead Blues telling of the break-up of a previous relationship of mine. We recorded most of this one live, including the vocal as we wanted to capture the raw emotion of the song. We decided that the best way to achieve this was to keep the interaction between the musicians spontaneous. I think the understated arrangement and the honesty of the expression makes it very moving.
'Funny How' was written about three years ago and is all about the stresses and strains which get placed on friendships within bands. For me, the quirky vocal gives the song an identity which lies somewhere between J.J. Cale and The Fun Loving Criminals! The idea was to take a Delta-style guitar riff and place it within the framework of a contemporary sounding song.
'Misfits And Fools' is the oldest song on the album, written in 1999 shortly after I began my career as a professional musician. At that time I was really searching for an identity; both as a musician and as a human being; and I suppose that the pressures of adopting a profession which society is not particularly inclined to embrace were beginning to show! Although my life has changed a lot since then, it still has relevance for me. The gospel singers again add a whole new dimension to this track.
'Dear Lord' was written a couple of years ago and reflects the shear desperation I was feeling at the time. Centring around themes of regret, wasted time, and hopelessness, it's not my happiest song! However, it needed to be written at the time and I am really glad to have finally committed it to record.
'Everything and More' is another overt love song. I recorded this one live and solo which I think helps to deliver the message with sincerity and without it sounding too sickly."



  1. She Cries
  2. Misfits And Fools
  3. Burden of Pain
  4. Funny How
  5. Sometimes I Wonder
  6. Scared To Lose This Love
  7. The Love I Have
  8. 'Z' Madness
  9. Dear Lord
  10. Feeling Whole Again
  11. Meant To Be
  12. Awake At Night
  13. Everything And More


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