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03. Februar 2003

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“Carnival is an honest album. I've attempted to sing about life as it really is. Most of the songs on CD are deeply rooted in my own experience (the love songs particularly) and are genuine attempts to recreate the humour and sadness involved.

Numbers like "The Wobble" and "Party, Party, Party" are for dancers, people who like to shake their thing on the dance floor and in the living room: happy people. I get annoyed when critics describe my records as 'eccentric' and 'strange'. The dance numbers on this CD are straightforward fun songs. I think you've got a hole in your soul if you think otherwise.

I've my multi-instrumentalist son Robert to thank for the inclusion of old blues favourites "Rolling and Tumbling" and "Sugar Mama" on this record. His new and extremely vital arrangements stirred my imagination. I just had to do them.

Carnival's power comes through the musicians involved. Robert Coyne's forceful guitar work, keyboard playing and songwriting ability have been a delight to work with throughout. Werner Steinhauser, a drummer of real imagination and style, is a potent addition to any record as well.

Carnival has been a thrill to make.

I hope you enjoy it.”


Kevin Coyne


1.         Stop Picking On Me

2.          Charlene         

3.         The Wobble          

4.         Missing You    

5.          Don´t Forget Me      

6.          Rolling And Tumbling 

7.         I Heard You    

8.          My Story   

9.         Sweet Melinda

10.       Party Party Party

11.       All My Friends

12.       Sugar Mama

13.       For Angel Eyes

14.       But You Do

15.            Carnival

16.       Almost Invisible


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