Product no.: RUF 1051

Recorded at the Tampa Bay (Florida) Blues Fest March 26th, 2000



Product no.: RUF 1117

Featuring: John Mayall, Jeff Healey, Joe Bonamassa, Coco Montoya, Bernard Allison, Eric Sardinas, Richie Hayward, Junior Watson, Guitar Shorty, James Harman, Deacon Jones, Jonny Ray Bartel. And many more....

With "Full Circle," Walter and his friends are paying homage to the blues as a living testimony to the people and the places that create this honest form of music.


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Product no.: RUF 1035

"Living Every Day" is Walter Trout's (whom the BBC elected as the world 6th best guitar player) worldwide debut album on RUF RECORDS.

"Livin' Every Day: Is my attempt to say that you need to make the most out of every moment of your life even when everything around you seems to be adversity. You never know what might be your last day. So make the best of the days you have. Musically I tried to start with country blues and then turn into rockin' blues..."