Live In Chicago (2 CD Set)

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Nominated for a GRAMMY in the category "Best Contemporary Blues Album" (1999)

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Live In Chicago
... is the first posthumous release of our artist Luther Allison, who unexpectedly died in August 1997, conceived as a memento for the longstanding fans and concert-visitors of one of the greatest entertainers of his genre. 2 CDs packed with the most important songs of his last studio recordings and some of the favourites of his recent live repertoire. Electrifying and chilling extended live-versions of some of his best songs!
Remember: a real good Luther Allison show lasted over 4 hours!
The first CD contains the complete set of his live-appearance at the 1995 Chicago Blues Festival, which was hyped up by the press as the hottest gig of the entire Festival, and celebrated by thousands of fans. Recorded by radio and broadcasted nationwide, this great moment of blues live performance has been documented for the posterity.
The bonus track (Gamblers Blues/Sweet Angel) delivers the Jam Session with Otis Rush and Eddie C. Clearwater of the same evening. CD 2 contains a live appearance at Buddy Guy's Legend, Chicago's famous live club, recorded in September of the same year.
"Live In Chicago" is the first document out of the archive of the Luther Allison Holding Co., which was founded by Luther and his longtime companion Carolyn Brown (Rocky) some days before he died.
Our intention in this release is to keep the memory of a good friend and great artist and fullfil his last will: "You guys gotta keep my name out there!"



  1. Intro
  2. Soul Fixin' Man
  3. Cherry Red Wine
  4. Move From The Hood
  5. Bad Love
  6. Put Your Money
  7. Big City
  8. Gimmie Back My Wig
  9. It Hurts Me Too
  10. Gamblers Blues / Sweet Angel

(Disc 2)

  1. Party Time
  2. All The Kings Horses
  3. What Have I Done Wrong
  4. Walking Papers
  5. Think With Your Heart
  6. What's Goin' On
  7. Will It Ever Change
  8. You're Gonna Make Me Cry
  9. Everything's Gonna Be O.K.


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