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"Living Every Day" is Walter Trout's (whom the BBC elected as the world 6th best guitar player) worldwide debut album on RUF RECORDS. His worldwide label-change to RUF was the consequence of the success of his last album, wich was his first release on RUF and his first official US-release: Walter Trout took his native country by storm. The L.A. Times comments: "Trout continues to set standarts". Walter Trout: "It was a great motivation to work on a new album that will be released and promoted worldwide. Especially the reactions that we had on our recent American tour was a dream-come-true. I think I wrote some of my strongest (and most personal) songs to date". Beside his superior guitar work - Walter's trademark - "Livin' Every Day" stands out against Walter's previous albums with the very personal lyrics (all printed in the booklet). Walter about some of the songs:
"Livin' Every Day": is my attempt to say that you need to make the most out of every moment of your life even when everything around you seems to be adversity. You never know what might be your last day. So make the best of the days you have. Musically I tried to start with country blues and then turn into rockin' blues.

Sweet Butterfly (Sophie's song): A married couple who are friends of mine had a little girl, who they lost in a tragic accident. They asked me to write a song for her and I was finding it very hard to do. One night I had a dream, where they were holding hands and watching a butterfly. In the dream they realized the butterfly was their daughter's soul and she was with god and free. So the dream gave me the approach to write the song for them. And it is in loving memory of their little beautiful daughter.

"Let Me Know": As I wrote this, I could hear Luther Allison singing it. And I really wrote it with him performing in my mind. And I'm only sorry I'll never hear him sing it.

"Thought I Heard The Devil": A song about dealing with every day temptations.
"Junkyards In Your Eyes": I wrote for a friend and excellent guitar player, who cannot get away from his addiction to heroin.

"Through The Eyes Of Love": is a Love song to my family. I tried to let my guitar express my love for them.

"The Love That We Once Knew": is a song I wrote in 1971 to my first love Delphine, after we broke up. It is about me trying to move on and still appreciate what we had together.

Beside the 12 new songs "Livin' Every Day" contents 2 remakes out of his hit-album "Prisoner Of A Dream" (top 10 in the Netherlands and Denmark): "Love That We Once Knew" and the above mentioned "Prisoner Of A Dream".

Walter: "I did this for Amerika - who has never heard these songs"



  1. Living Every Day
  2. Let Me Know
  3. Playing With A Losing Hand
  4. Sweet Butterfly
  5. I Thought I Heard The Devil
  6. Through The Eyes Of Love
  7. Nothin' But The Blues
  8. City Man
  9. Fool For Love
  10. Say What You Mean
  11. Apparitons
  12. Junkyards In Your Eyes
  13. Love That We Once Knew
  14. Prisoner Of A Dream


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