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Release date: Mai 1999


Track List :

1. You're the One that done it

2. Rain Rain

3. The hard Way

4. Slippin' in

5. Baby don't move me

6. Five Minute Love Affair

7. Strong Boy

8. Gone again

9. Judgment Day

10. Return to Polara

11. California Boogie

12. Vampira

13. Lady Luck


Slippin' in

One of the most requested live acts of Rock-a-billy - The Paladins - delivered their debut on Ruf Records with "Slippin' in".

The first spontaneous reaction on the pre-tape came from the Scandinavian distributor. Asked how they liked it they answered with a question in return: "Could anybody resist the charm of this sound?"

Well, we don't think so, but please check yourself. Rock-a-billy, Swing, R & B in an original mix recipe by The Paladins.

Internationally acclaimed, recording and performing artists, The Paladins hail from San Diego, California. They have created their own unique style and sound, combining early Rock'n Roll and Country (Rock-a-billy) with Rhythm and blues and early Swing and Jazz, which has earned them critical acclaim all over the world. The Los Angeles Times calls The Paladins "One of the most powerful roots-rocking groups in the Nation" and Alternative Press says "Undoubtely one of the best live bands to sweat upon a stage, The Paladins are real stuff!"

The Paladins average upwards of 200 live shows per year, all over the world. They have appeared with such critically acclaimed artists as Stevie Ray Vaughn, X, Los Lobos, The Blasters and The Fabulous Thunderbirds (who's singer frontman, Kim Wilson, produced The Paladins first LP way back in 1987).

Since then the Paladins have released six more, full length records: "Years since Yesterday", 1988, "Let's Buzz", 1990 (both recorded for "Alligator Records" and produced by Los Lobos' Steve Berlin), “Ticket Home”, 1994 (produced by Los Lobos´Caesar Rosas; “Million Mile Club”, 1996 (on the internationally acclaimed 4 A.D. label), and now in 1999 two more releases!!! “Re-Jive-inated” (which is the ´reissue´of “Ticket Home”) in Hoote-Nanny/Foil Records, and the NEW, lang awaited Paladins´album “Slippin´In” in Ruf Records (produced by Mark Neil [Big Sandy, Deke Dicekrson and The Paladins´first L.P.]).

The Paladins´ “Slippin´ In” features their latest and most “current” recordings, featuring the “original” sound and production that has made The Paladins one of the “leading Rots-Rock-a-billy” bands of all time.

The Paladins have always kept three things in mind: quality, integrity and tradion. It´s clear that via having performed thousands upon thousands live shows, The Paladins have remained loyal to these three objectives.

The Paladins are fully evolved, compete and mature, tight but definitely not tired. Fans old and new all over the world can always count on The Paladins to hold true to dedication, tradition and spirit, and that´s not going to change.


The Paladins

Dave Gonzales (Guitar/Vocals)
Joue Jazdzeweski (Bass)
Brian Fahey (Drums)

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