Where Have You Been? (Live In Montreux 1976 - 1994)

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'Where have you been, LUTHER?

This live CD set is a definite answer to the questions often asked by fans and journalists during LUTHER'S triumphal 'comeback' tours through the U.S. in 1995 and 1996 (LUTHER ALLISON enjoyed a five-award triumph at the 17th annual W.C. Handy Awards, the blues world's equivalent of the Grammys: Best Blues Song -'Watching You', Best Blues Album - 'Blue Streak', Best Male Blues Artist, Best Guitarist, Best Entertainer).

'Where have you been, LUTHER?'

The answer is:
'Europe' and definitely 'working hard!'

LUTHER started working in Europe in 1976, the year Motown released his third album for the Gordy label, 'Night Life'. The very first tour began with a furious performance at the Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland, six tracks of which are featured on this CD set.

In 1983, LUTHER made Paris, France his home base. He quickly attained the status of a major drawing blues act on the live circuit in Europe.
Subsequently, U.S. audiences (re) discovered him as one of the greatest blues talents performing today.

Because the Montreux Jazz Festival has always been a special event for LUTHER, this CD reflects the development of his band sound over the years.
On the '76 and '83 sets, LUTHER used his U.S. touring band; the '84 set features the legendary Muscle Shoals Rythm Section - a special event co-produced by Jerry Wexler. In accordance with the concept of Montreux and because he's one of Montreux's favourite performers, LUTHER was repeatedly invited to jam with B.B. King ('89), John Mayall ('86) and Otis Rush ('86). The '94 set features a Memphis set-up including the Memphis Horns, paying tribute to the roots of R&B and soul music.

The 1994 release of 'Bad Love' (in Europe on RUF) 'Soul Fixin'Man' (U.S. version on Alligator) marked the start of LUTHER'S U.S. 'comeback'. It was his first studio album recorded in the U.S. since his Motown album of '76, but certainly not his only recording; a look at his discography shows that LUTHER was successfully working hard in Europe.

All of us who have had the pleasure of enjoying LUTHER'S performances in Europe throughout the years, the folks in the U.S. who know him from 'way back then', and all the new fans from all around the world whole heartedly agree:

Ride on, LUTHER !



  1. Introduction
  2. Gamblers Blues
  3. Sweet Home Chicago
  4. Same Thing
  5. Little Red Rooster
  6. Sky Is Crying
  7. Back Down South
  8. Memories
  9. Spontaneous Improvisation
  10. Bad News Is Coming
  11. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
  12. Bad Love
  13. Audience


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