Joanne Shaw Taylor

Joanne Shaw Taylor

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Diamonds In The Dirt

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White Sugar

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Songs From The Road (CD + DVD Set)

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Almost Always Never

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Joanne Shaw Taylor


For the last couple of years, Joanne Shaw Taylor has been busy redefining the meaning of the cliche, plays like a girl..... how did you spend your summer vacation when you were 17 years old? She spent hers touring Europe with the supergroup D.U.P. with fellow band members Dave Stewart (Eurythmics), Candy Dulpher (Prince), Mudbone Cooper (Parliment-Funkadelic) and Jimmy Cliff. If you can imagine the love child of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Dusty Springfield then you are beginning to get a feel for Joannes mixture of fiery guitar playing, sultry vocals and 100% pure soul. But unlike many other young phenoms, she has quickly developed a resumé to back up the hype. Born and raised amidst the coal mines of Britains Black Country; she picked up a guitar and got turned on to the blues as a very young teenager.