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Thumb A Ride

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After the positive responds and success of the "Love Is The Key" CD and the "Love Is The Key Tour" the mission was simple and clear to me, to use this platform to spread love everywhere I go. The goal was to produce a fully acoustic CD, using the guys that I am on the road with "The Big Daddy Wilson Trio". Singing and playing the songs that my forefathers played. Using this special gift that "The Almighty" gave me.

That is why this new album is so special to me, it is really the second leg of the "Love Is The Key Tour". The journey "Thumb A Ride". It is not about where you have been or where you are going, it is all about the journey. It is about what you have learned along the way, and who you may have touched and those who have touched you. On this journey I have been blessed and touched by so many beautiful people.

I just cannot name them all. But right now, I am thinking about two great musicians, that I have the chance to ride with, who have inspired and influenced me and the songs of this CD in a great way. I am talking about my right and left hand: Mr. Jochen "Skinny Joe" Bens and Mr. Michael "Big Chief" van Merwyk.

I am very proud and happy to say that all songs on this CD are composed by the "Big Daddy Wilson Trio". And that is why I call this one "Thumb A Ride", cause it is all about the journey. Now, "After all is said and done, more is always said than done" let us do this. Feel me!



  1. Thumb A Ride
  2. Baby Don't Like It
  3. This Is How I Live
  4. Anna Mae
  5. Sweet Tooth
  6. It Don't Get No Better
  7. Who's Dat Knocking
  8. 4 Daughters And A Strong Loving Woman
  9. Cold Is The Wind
  10. Drop Down Here
  11. Way Back Yonder
  12. Brother Blood
  13. If You Were Mine


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