Imperial Crowns

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Preachin' The Blues - Live!

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Imperial Crowns


This is who it is!

The man known as "Champagne" to some "The Irish Channel" to others, and just plain ol' Billy Sullivan to his friends slaps his drums hard enough to bounce the crack dealers off the corner of Lankershiem and Victory. He left New York City "under a black cloud,” and will either say nothing about it, or give a different story everytime. The Imperial Crowns were born in his garage studio, located in the heart of the liquor-stored, sex-shopped, strip-malled, porno paradise of North Hollywood. When not playing with The Crowns he collects back child support from "deadbeat dads,' and says proudly, "When I get done, they're happy to give up the bread!"

John "Johnny Speed" Avila roams the stage like a caged wolverine while he pounds out big mean, funky bass notes. He seems to be in a trance like state, and claims to be in the grip of his ancestors. His musical heritage is certainly long and deep. His great great great grandfather emigrated from Chiapas, Mexico to the big city of Guadalajara, and was one of the founders of "Musica Mariachi." His great grandfather Juan Carlos "El Peligro" Avila was a singer of renown in Guadalajara ("He could make grown men cry"), but moved his family to San Gabriel, California after he put three bullets in the heart of a corrupt magistrate. John's just as dangerous as his great grandfather, but much prefers making young women cry......with joy!

  J.J. Holiday's gotta big greezy sound when he plays his axe. A stone soul poet of the slide guitar, he carries the Delta in his ass pocket. He also carried his ass to the crossroads in Mississippi at midnight, on a full moon, just to kick the livin' shit outta Satan Himself! After he worked The Dark Prince over, he told him. "If you wanna be a bad ass on the guitar; practice muthafucka! He's played on all kinds of modern shit, but his first work was on the last known recordings made for the Paramount label (home to Blind Lemon Jefferson, Blind Blake, and The Hokum Boys), before it folded. Grandma and Grandpa will love him just as much as the teenagers do!

  "I loved the music, but Lord God that man BLASPHEMES"! one woman said about singer Jimmie Wood's between-the-tunes, semi X-rated, fully Pentecostal rants which often last longer than the songs. Born to movie industry parents, ("Ava Gardner shoved my face into her tits when I was just a little shaver. Ooh wee!"). How did he wind up in Houston billed as "The Teenage Sensation" opening up for Little Junior Parker in the early '60's?  Wood can't remember, but will tell you why he left Houston. "Don Robey (notorious owner of Duke Records) really wanted to sign me to his label "Back Beat,” and I didn't wanna do it.  He threatend me and my family, so I pushed his ass down the stairs at the "The Brass Peacock.” His thugs were gonna put me down for keeps, when I heard a voice say "Be cool everybody.” That was the first time I ever laid eyes on J.J. Holiday and he was holding a cannon in each hand. Those dudes backed off, we got in J.J.s Mercury, and hit the road back to LA.”