Rich Man's War

Rich Man's War


-New Blues & Roots Songs of Peace and Protest

Release Out: September 2008

Difficult times call for powerful songs, and Rich Man’s War: New Blues & Roots Songs Of Peace & Protest is filled with music that cries out for change. Featuring some of today’s best-known blues artists, Rich Man’s War will go down in history as the first compilation of its kind. It’s the only collection in existence of 21st Century protest songs that focuses on the blues genre.

Popular blues performers such as Guitar Shorty (brother-in-law of the late Jimi Hendrix), Michael Hill (an associate of Vernon Reid, from famed rock outfit Living Colour), and the W.C. Handy Award-winning Eddy “The Chief” Clearwater are paired with the occasional detour into other musical styles, such as bluegrass legend Norman Blake (from the Grammy-winning O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack) and contemporary folk satirist Roy Zimmerman. The result is that rare album that holds your attention from start to finish. Its smart, wide-ranging songs will make you think, make you feel, and some cases, make you laugh out loud.

Rich Man’s War: New Blues & Roots Songs Of Peace & Protest is a unique collection of songs hand-picked by Kenneth Bays, editor of Blues Revue magazine. It will be embraced by fans of blues and roots music as well as by social activists in America and around the world.


1. Bob Brozman – Follow The Money

2. Guitar Shorty – We The People

3. Norman & Nancy Blake – Don’t Be Afraid Of The Neo-Cons

4. Matthew Skoller Band – Handful Of People

5. David Evans – Bring The Boys Back Home

6. Candye Kane – Jesus And Mohammed

7. Charlie Wood & The New Memphis Underground – You Don’t Really Wanna Know

8. Pat Boyack Band – Mr. Wesola’s Lucky Number Dream Book Part II

9. Roy Zimmerman - Chickenhawk

10. Michael Hill – Fear Itself

11. Eddy “The Chief” Clearwater – A Time For Peace

12. Doug MacLeod – Dubb’s Talkin Politician Blues