Light My Fire

Light My Fire

Product no.: RUF 1123


Release Date: 11/2006

Axel Schulz about FRIEND 'N FELLOW:

"The music of FRIEND 'N FELLOW is calming. It picks you up when you're down - not the other way around! In 2005, they released their album Covered with the song »Light My Fire«. It's simply a uniquely positive song. If you asked me, I couldn't tell you exactly what it is. Then I started getting all these songs offered to me as entrance music. There were good and bad ones, but none of them had that one-of-a-kind feeling..."

The story began when Axel and his wife Patricia attended a Friend 'n Fellow concert simply to enjoy an evening of outstanding music. Axel was so taken with the duo's sound that one night, he decided to call Constanze Friend and ask her about supplying the entrance music for his upcoming fight. Completely surprised, Friend called her guitarist Thomas Fellow with the news. One thing led to another and eventually a friendship developed...

Since Schulz and the musicians were on the same wavelength, he quickly realized that only the music of Friend 'n Fellow possessed the power and the energy to motivate him for the fight of his life - his comeback fight on the so-called "Night of Answers" on November 25th.


  1. Light My Fire
  2. One More Day
  3. Kiss The Rain
  4. Crystal
  5. Fly Like An Eagle
  6. Naked In A Jacket
  7. This Love
  8. Fairy Godmother
  9. Friend Of Mine
  10. Taxi
  11. Home
  12. Forbidden Wine
  13. What A Wonderful World
  14. Elf
  15. Light My Fire (Axel Schulz Comeback Version)
  16. Bonus: Taxi (Remix)