Diva La Grande

Diva La Grande

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Re-Release. Originally released in 1997 on Discovery / Antone's Records.

Release date: 8/2005

"Former sex industry worker Candye Kane's third album is her breakthrough, the record where she finally perfected her blend of jump blues, rockabilly, and big-band swing, combined with her brassy, gleefully omnisexual persona and big-as-life voice. Besides the obvious personal anthems like "You Need a Great Big Woman", "Gifted in the Ways of Love", and of course, "All You Can Eat (And You Can Eat It All Night Long)", Kane does more than credible versions of classics ranging from "I Got a Feelin'" to a Cajun-ized version of Lee Hazlewood's "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'". Producer Dave Alvin and Kane's longtime backing band, the Swingin' Armadillos, set Kane's alternately booming and flirty voice in swinging settings that emphasize her vocal strengths while minimizing the occasional flatness that marred Kane's first couple of albums. More importantly, while jump blues in the '90s is by definition a stylized genre, there's nothing overly cute or retro about Diva la Grande. This is a fun, sexy, rocking good time!"
by Stewart Mason (All Music Guide)


  1. You Need A Great Big Woman
  2. Love 'Em And Forgive 'Em
  3. Freak Lover
  4. I Got A Feelin'
  5. I Left My Heart In Texas
  6. The Lord Was A Woman
  7. It Should Be Rainin'
  8. These Boots Are Made For Walkin'
  9. Gifted In The Ways Of Love
  10. I'm In Love With A Girl
  11. Homewrecker
  12. Beehive
  13. All You Can Eat
  14. That Ain't It