Product no.: RUF 1096


Release date: 8/2004

Change is Sue Foley's ninth recording and her first for Ruf Records. It is a warm, intimate, acoustic CD produced by Sue Foley and mixed by Richard Chycki (Aerosmith, Mick Jagger, Shawn Colvin).

She wrote five of the songs on Change, including the beautiful and moving title track. The CD begins with "Goin' Down the Road Again", a song Sue was inspired to write after she met Etta Baker, a 90 year old guitar player from North Carolina who plays in the delicate, melodic finger picking, Piedmont style. The disc continues with "Hardworking Woman", Sue's version of an obscure Mississippi Matilda song that is a long standing favourite of hers.
Another Foley original is the tongue in cheek "Doggie Treats", a classic boogie style blues song that rocks along just right! Also featured on the CD is the timeless "Careless Love" and Bessie Smith's "Sugar in My Bowl". Sue has also included two songs by one of her musical heroes, Memphis Minnie; "Bad Luck Woman" and "Me And My Chauffeur". Sue also tips her hat to the legendary Jimmy Reed with the warm and wonderful "You Don't Have To Go", and to the late George Harrison with a touching rendition of his lovely "Here Comes The Sun". The album closes with another rocking original "Shake That Thing", a fun song about having a good time and letting loose.

"I think my new album Change represents change and renewal for me. As it is my first live CD as well as my first all acoustic CD, that alone is a change. A lot of the songs I have played for years but I have never recorded them. They were things that I played for fun alone around the house and I think that gives the CD a really intimate vibe. I don't think I've ever shown this side of myself on record before and because it was recorded live in one night, the album has a raw quality and a vibrancy that could only be created in the moment with the help of a great audience."


  1. Goin' Down The Road Again
  2. Hardworking Woman
  3. Doggie Treats
  4. Careless Love
  5. Change
  6. Bad Luck Woman
  7. Mournin' In The Morning
  8. Sugar In My Bowl
  9. Here Comes The Sun
  10. Me And My Chauffeur
  11. You Don't Have To Go
  12. Shake That Thing