BluesCaravan 2018 -Live CD & DVD

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Release date: September 2018

This was no ordinary club tour. This was the Blues Caravan 2018. If you’ve followed Ruf’s rolling revue since it started life in 2005, you’ll already know that these shows are must-see events, throwing together three stellar artists on one bill – then letting the chemistry do the rest.

Traditionally, the Blues Caravan lineup has showcased the label’s breaking talent – from Aynsley Lister to Samantha Fish – and given fans a chance to catch the blues titans of tomorrow before they go ‘boom’. But in 2018, it’s time to mix things up. On this year’s Blues Caravan, you’ll not only find one young gun with a dazzling career ahead of her, but also two heavyweights with a sky-high reputation. Let’s welcome them to the stage…

This CD / DVD release revives a unique Blues Caravan! A unique live piece to experience the Blues Caravan of 2018 again and again!

The accompanying DVD was recorded on 27.01.2018 at Café Hahn in Koblenz!

Ruf’s tireless dedication to the blues means it hunts far beyond the US and UK for its new signings – and the label has struck gold with Croatian gunslinger Vanja Sky. Channelling the fire and flair of Rory Gallagher, Albert King and Stevie Ray Vaughan, this 23-year-old hot-tip has already broken out in her home country and bordering Balkan States. On this CD / DVD she presents songs from her first studio album "Bad Penny". Vanja says, „I’m very excited to play on the Blues Caravan 2018,” she says, “and looking forward to meeting a lot of new people and sharing my music with them. My shows are filled with great energy and I always give everything when I’m on stage. I’m gonna play songs from my debut album, and also some cover songs – so people can definitely expect some great music and fun.”

Some surnames command instant respect on the blues scene. As the son of the mighty Luther Allison – the late Chicago blues titan who was Ruf’s first signing back in 1994 – Bernard Allison has added to the family legend and carved out his own mythology as a world-class songwriter and performer. For this year’s Blues Caravan, he’ll be drawing on an acclaimed back catalogue that includes 1997’s US debut Keepin’ The Blues Alive and 2000’s classic Born With The Blues, and slipping between genres as only a master can. “My show is all about sharing my musical talent and presenting different styles like blues, rock and funk. There’ll be lots of energy, because I feed off of my fans and love interacting with them on and off stage. You can expect a fun time – the Allison way!” says Bernard.

If you’re remotely serious about modern blues, you’ll have followed the twists and turns of Mike Zito’s fascinating career. The Missouri-born bandleader overcame his crippling early addictions to become one of modern America’s sharpest songwriters, and few artists have written with such stark eloquence as he did on 2011’s Greyhound album. In 2012, Mike threw us a curveball, lining up alongside Devon Allman and Cyril Neville as a key member of Royal Southern Brotherhood – and went on to stay with the supergroup for two critically feted albums. But the call of his own muse was too strong, and in 2014, Mike burst straight back into his solo career with Keep Coming Back and Make Blues Not War. “I have long wanted to join the Blues Caravan and run away, so I’m excited,” he says. “My shows are energetic and passionate: I try hard to give everything I’ve got and make every note count. You can expect rocking blues guitar, with a dose of soul vocals, and a mix of my best songs.”


Mike Zito - Vocals, Guitar

Vanja Sky - Vocals, Guitar

Bernard Allison - vocals, Guitar

Roger Inniss - Bass

Mario Dawson - Drums


01. Low Down And Dirty 04:49

02. All Night 04:23

03. Do You Wanna? 03:35

04. Married Man 05:35

05. Keep Coming Back 04:35

06. Wasted Time 04:21

07. Make Blues Not War 07:49

08. In The Open (Instr.) 05:15

09. Rocket 88 07:26

10. The Way Love Was meant To Be 10:30

11. Life Is A Bitch 04:38

12. Serious (As A Heart Attack) 09:11


01. Intro Tom 01:10

02. Low Down And Dirty 04:45

03. All Night 04:34

04. Crossroads Of Life 05:45

05. Married Man 06:00

06. Bad Penny 04:52

07. One More Train 05:18

08. Keep Coming Back 04:43

09. Wasted Time 05:14

10. Make Blues Not War 08:08

11. In The Open (Instr.) 05:52

12. Rocket 88 08:29

13. The Way Love Was Meant To Be 10:40

14. Testify (Instr.) 05:25

15. Medley - Bad News Is Coming / Bad Love 18:50

16. Life Is A Bitch 05:02

17. Move From The Hood 08:27

18. Serious (As A Heart Attack) 09:50

19. Give Me Back My Wig 15:32