Higher Power

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Release Date USA: 2005

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Whether you pay your respects to Bernard Allison as one of the high powered blues guitarists in the world or, like Bernard, pay your respects to that Higher Power that guides you through life, these are 13 songs Bernard sings that will speak to you. There are bluesy songs, soul, funk, R&B songs and a couple of rock things which show the overall musicianship of Bernard Allison.
Bernard totes the same smokin' six string shooter that his late father Luther Allison assaulted the blues with. And he is blessed with his father's soulful voice, spiritual devotion, and a musical freedom which experiments with the blues. Bernard Allison wrote most of the songs himself, and he is confident enough to strip away the layers and bare himself to the world. It has taken him a long time to feel free to talk or write a song about what's going on within him or his personal tragedies.
Bernard Allison comments on his new album: "Musically and lyrically this is definitely a mature effort. I've been through a lot since the passing of my father. I'm married and I have started my own family. This music comes from everyday responsibility and lifestyle. I'm calling the album "Higher Power" because there were times when I had to pray to my own higher power to help me through. Immediately after my father's death I was still touring, I wanted to continue because that was what he wanted me to do. I feel that with his presence, he's still, even today, with me everywhere I go, and the help of my higher power, there's no going wrong. That is the message in many of these songs."
As usual, no Bernard Allison record is complete with two songs from his dad. But what is different about this Bernard Allison record is that for the first time, he has taken his touring band in the studio. From years on the road, these guys know intuitively where the music is going, sometimes even before Bernard. Also, excellent guest musicians contribute to the success of the new album.

Bernard Allison: Vocals, Guitars, Acoustic Guitar
Ron Sutton: Drums
Mike Vlahakis: Keyboards
Jassen Wilber: Bass
Guest musicians: Bruce McCabe, Paul Diethelm, Jellybean Johnson, Brian Johnson



  1. I've Learned My Lesson
  2. Raggedy And Dirty
  3. Standing on the Edge of Love
  4. Stay With Me Tonight
  5. Too Cool
  6. It's A Man Down There
  7. New Life I'm In
  8. Woman Named Trouble
  9. Time Flies By
  10. Stakes Have Gone Up
  11. Into My Life
  12. Next 2 U
  13. Ami


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